NNTC is a supplier of AI-assisted video monitoring products by iCetana, which plugs into VMS, DVR, or cameras directly. The system analyzes every camera feed 24/7, learns what’s normal in a scene and identifies anything abnormal. Once an abnormal event happens, it is displayed on a monitor, attracting operator’s attention if necessary and fostering a faster reaction.


  • Undesirable and abnormal events detected first
  • Self-learning system adapting to change
  • Performance in real-time and at scale

How it works

  • Camera feed analysis: objects, edges, contrast, motion, direction, and speed
  • Automatic identification of standard patterns
  • Anomaly detection before the situation gets worse
  • Abnormal event displayed and incident details instantly available for better response and reporting
  • Operators taking action when necessary
  • Real-time and historical reporting and data visualization